"Nanoamorph Technology" produces nanosize amorphous metals using its unique patented quantum-chemical technology. This non-equilibrium technology use the internal energy of excitement of molecules and are sintesized nanosize amorphous metals that have essentially different chemical and physical properties than their well known crystalline analogues.

"Nanoamorph Technology" scientists are knowledgeable and experienced and available to work in close cooperation with customers to optimize the performance of their products in commercial applications. "Nanoamorph Technology" welcomes inquiries regarding new nanosize amorphous compositions, as well as surface areas, particle size distributions, purity levels, etc.

The nanosize amorphous metal powders are sold vacuum sealed in glass containers, but can be delivered to the customer in any solvent according to client need. However, it must be noted that the metal powders will oxidize readily on contact with even minimal amounts of oxygen.